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Listen, Run, Hide

Listen, Run, Hide


A children's story empowering parents to join the lockdown conversation. Based on the FBI's Run, Hide, Fight protocol.

  • You have likely had conversations with your child to help them stay safe - don’t talk to strangers, look both ways before crossing the street, etc. But have you ever talked to them about what to do in an active gun violence situation? You should! For at least two reasons:


    1) You can help your child manage any difficult feelings they may have around lockdown drills. The AAP found that the difference between normal stress and toxic stress is the amount of caregiver support! Children with adequate caregiver support are better able to navigate upsetting situations, including the corresponding emotions, which mitigates the effect of stress on their health.


    2) In a less likely scenario, conversations between you and your child could save their life.


    I know it can be scary to bring up this subject with our young children, but we must be willing to set our own discomfort aside. We need to show up for our children with love, support, reality, reassurance and empowering knowledge.


    I created Listen, Run, Hide to be a tool to empower adults to tackle this conversation with confidence. You can do this, Grownup! *fist bump*

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