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A Picture Book About Lockdowns

Be at the forefront of your child's experience with drills.

*All profits, including the author and publisher's fee, will be donated to gun violence prevention. 

Free Resources


Assess your ARS

Today every school in the U.S. should have an Anonymous Reporting System. Does yours? Do they use it well? 

Download this kit to identify your district's weak spots.


After Action Review

Is your school drilling smarter, not harder (or more often - goodness!)?

Download this kit to learn about After Action Reviews and how to help your school do them.


Letter Home

Speaking of drills, Katherine Schweit once said, "parents are the missing link." 

Does your school empower parents to join in the conversation? Download this sample letter home. 

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About Me

I’ve always loved storytelling! Growing up I entertained my sisters with stories (some true, some fictitious) behind the writing of a song on the radio. Now I enjoy sharing stories about my childhood (some true, some fictitious) to my three children!

My sixth grade teacher helped me discover my love of writing. We focused on persuasive essays so I assumed I loved arguing a point. (But why did I love the warmup exercise where I got to write about my weekend?) In adulthood I worked an office job where I regularly volunteered for any task that involved writing; policy documents, meeting notes, onboarding instructions. If it involved words, let me at it!

Now I am excited to be blending my two loves, storytelling and writing! 

Although, my first project blends another interest of mine…

I’m nerd-ily passionate about safety. In A Quiet Place I choked up when Emily Blunt, speaking of her children, desperately murmured, “who are we if we can’t protect them?” Yessss Em, yes! Who indeed? (Yeah, I’m in therapy. Why do you ask?) I made a decently vigilant lifeguard, for a high schooler, and my fully-grown sisters roll their eyes every time I refuse to drive until they click it. 

When I am not writing, I enjoy caring for my kids, dating my husband, doing anything in the mountains (except downhill skiing - ugh!), watching the latest season of the bachelor/bachelorette, and, like any good little writer, reading. ;)

But mostly I’m just grateful for you, who took a minute out of your day to visit my website! Thank you for your time, interest, and support!

Come hang out with me on Instagram!
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